10 class results
At the Pre-primary level, teachers lay a lot of emphasis on the Play-way method. Games are a natural means of teaching little ones and are the integral part of every classroom. Teachers use flash cards to teach letters. Chalk and board is extensively used for reinforcing learning. Songs and rhymes are used to develop vocabulary. The phonetic sounds of the letters of English alphabet are taught for better word building. The teachers extensively use picture reading to help the students grasp new concepts.The faculty is well equipped to teach Mathematics through alternative methods. Beads, dice and pocket boards are some of the devices used to enhance teaching environment in the class. Environmental study is introduced in this level through storytelling, conversation and craft. Jingles, number songs and cymbals are used to improve the concentration of the child. The faculty aims at integrated learning of English, Mathematics and Environmental Studies. Music is also treated as a method of exploring and learning acceptable behavioral patterns.Every year we have a demonstration function in which classroom environment is created and the parents are the audience. Parents get to know the teaching methodology and are guided so as to help their children on the similar lines. It is purely an educational exercise. As always in Carmel, a day at the pre-primary level always begins and ends with a prayer. Prayers are an effort on the part of the teachers to bring the little ones closer to God and self.
In our Junior School that is classes one to five the faculty emphasizes a lot on conversational skills, reading and writing and mental math. The creativity of students is developed and nurtured through various extra-curricular activities like fancy dress, singing, flower arrangement, salad making art and craft, poetry and sports.Regular usage of worksheets in all subjects encourages the students to grasp the topics better further ensuring adequate practice in the same. Team work is encouraged through games and projects. Students are encouraged to make projects in the classroom under the teacher’s supervision, which help them to learn concepts of the related lessons.The students are groomed to hone their reading and listening skills for better learning of languages. Regular practice of listening comprehension helps them to practice their recall and absorption skills. Value Education is a very important part of our curriculum. The value added lessons are taught through songs, drama, drawing and poetry writing. The class teachers encourage the students to talk about their real life experiences in context of the chapters being taught.
There is a paradigm shift in the curriculum as well as in the teaching for our students in the Middle and the Senior level up to class X. There has been an enthusiastic aceptance of the new CCE method of evaluation. The Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) refers to a system of school based evaluation that covers all aspects of student development. It is a student-centric methodology, devised to lessen the learning related stress.Teachers use various techniques to create the vertical learning curve They encourage students to perform role-plays, make projects,grasp the practical knowledge of the subject and promote creativity through prose and poetry pieces created by the students.Teachers and students explain or learn concepts through PowerPoint presentations. Value Education is given as much importance as other subjects. Books are referred to for the subject, along with imbibing realistic morals Most often the lessons are taught through real life experiences. Prayers are an important part in dealing with all kinds of situations,be it joyous or trying.
The school year has two terms: April to October and November to March.There will be an examination at the end of each term and a progress report issued. All must answer the terminal examination and Unit tests.Absence from a complete subject excludes the pupil from being reckoned in the order of merit in examination. Children who are ill should not be sent to school to attend class or answer the test.Ill health may spread contagion Every report card must be signed bt the parent or guardian and returned within a week of verification.The report card will be handed over only to the parents on the day fixed.Under no circumstances will the report be given to the student.