CMS’s mission is to form children who are capable of responding to the challenges of life with joy and a deep faith in God, whose choices and decisions are guided by right values, enriched by our cultural heritage and committed to the service of our people.

We aim to:

1.To live in God’s presence

2.Develop habit of prayer, meditation and contemplation.

3.To reach out to the marginalized through community service

4.To work towards adopting new villages to improve the lives of the inhabitants

5.Strive to draw out the full potential of our students

6.To develop and deliver quality education to all students

7.To address the aspirations and abilities of all students

8.To nurture innovation, creativity and technological abilities of all students

9.Nurture and harness leadership ability among all students

10.Develop world class students

11.Encourage active participation in co and extra-curricular activities.