Students taking up Computer as an activity are taught to work on software that is beyond the school’s basic curriculum. Students work on photo editing software, learn to create beautiful presentations, work with animation software and develop programming skills in Scratch.

Western Dance

Dance is an all-time favorite activity of the primary students. The club acts as a platform for students who are passionate about dancing. While the resource person teaches them the steps, the teacher in charge encourages and guides them.

Art and Craft

The club introduces students to basic art and craft activities, which allows them to nature and develop their creative abilities. Some of the activities undertaken by the students are- Paper Folding (Basic Origami), Drawing and Painting, etc.


Quiz club is an interesting activity being conducted in cms. This club emphasises on increasing the student’s general knowledge in all fields. It is done through smart boards and quiz placards. Quiz competitions are held regularly. Students are encouraged to become Quiz Masters.

Science and Projects

The club tries to develop the students’ potential and interest when it comes to creativity, innovation and scientific skills, with competitive activities like construction of straw bridges and towers. The club aims at developing their interest and helping in conceptual understanding and application through activities like electroplating, making of electrode chemical cells and models of circulatory systems, etc. The students learn to work together in small groups right from planning to execution of projects.